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Chapter 84 Spirit Frui lyrical attack
"Thats a pity…" Yu Rou sighed.
On the other hand, every time they discovered the great atmosphere produced by Xiao Hua, they immediately ended within their monitors and stood there almost like these folks were stone sculptures.
"I didn't prefer to rely far too much on Xiao Hua and planned to acquire my own personal money, then i want to not utilize the cash we'd earned from offering her treasure unless it's an emergency." Yuan described to her.
Yu Rou then looked over Xiao Hua and reported, "But that wealth remains to be brother's correct?"
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"Huh? How's that attainable? You're still primary about the Money Leaderboards! Unquestionably, one has much more than 200,000 rare metal coins!" Yu Rou reported.
«Congratulations! Participant Yu Rou is considered the initially competitor to possess removed Metallic Ape Cave!»
"Hang on a second… An actual phoenix living in town? Absolutely, that must definitely be phony, appropriate? Of course, who could neglect the majesty appearance of your phoenix?" Yu Rou said.
"Soul Many fruits, huh? It's such a pity how the Metallic Apes had undertaken they all." Yu Rou sighed.
"Secret beasts like phoenixes are believed as Divine Beasts, and so they provide the ability to battle a human being variety when they access a certain cultivation foundation, so it's not not possible a phoenix, arizona may very well be surviving in the area disguised to be a individual," Xiao Hua described.
Immediately after traveling for some time, they descended to consider a quick bust. Just after flying for some more hours, the sisters and brothers logged off temporarily for lunch.
An arc of strong wind power flew to the Metallic Apes horizontally, and until the Silver Apes can even behave, the Wind flow Blade acquired sliced up 12 Metallic Apes in halves.
"Brother…? Oh no! I accidentally dropped asleep since soaring sensed so good!" Yu Rou exclaimed. "I'm sorry, brother…"
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"That's their nature— they feed on anything so long as they're eager," Xiao Hua explained.
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"500,000 rare metal coins!" Yu Rou exclaimed. "That's big money, but you can pay for them without much problems, ideal, buddy?"
A few moments afterwards, every one of the Metallic Apes ended up slain by Yu Rou, together with an statement showed up to the society to find out.
"I didn't wish to depend too much on Xiao Hua and planned to receive my own personal cash, well, i choose to not use the funds we'd earned from promoting her prize unless it's an unexpected emergency." Yuan described to her.
However, once they spotted the great atmosphere produced by Xiao Hua, they immediately ceased into their monitors and withstood there as though they had been natural stone statues.
"Blowing wind Blade!"
"Precisely what a pity…" Yu Rou sighed.
"Even though that is the case, due to the fact it's simply a dungeon apparent, my t.i.tle isn't value nearly as much as your Expertise and Servant type 'firsts'." Yu Rou said.
Even so, not like in the past, these folks were not asleep across the tree. Rather, they were—
"Although you may do this personally, I declined asleep and eventually left you alone…" she sighed.
Yu Rou then investigated Xiao Hua and said, "But that capital remains to be brother's right?"
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"Somewhere around 5,000 long distances gone. If we keep now, we should appear there by down the road a . m .." Xiao Hua said.
"While that is the situation, considering the fact that it's just dungeon very clear, my t.i.tle isn't worthy of around your Proficiency and Servant class 'firsts'." Yu Rou mentioned.
Much time later, once Yu Rou awoke, that they had already traveled over 5,000 a long way.
The Gold Apes dropped one at a time correct looking at the other, nevertheless none of them dared to move, nearly as though these were rooted from fear.
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"I would wish to embark on an epic path that might take days and nights, even days to finish, however i don't have the time with the now, so I want to shell out my leftover time seeking a servant." Yu Rou stated.
"Are they… Is it having the other?" Yu Rou dealt with her oral cavity in jolt following realizing that the Metallic Apes were actually consuming the Metallic Apes that was slain by Yuan.
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Yuan immediately began perspiration following listening to her phrases, and that he reported a moment later, "I simply have around 200,000 precious metal coins still left."
"You can purchase Heart Fresh fruits on the market, they are value about 500,000 yellow gold coins each and every."
Nonetheless, when they seen the enormous aura released by Xiao Hua, they immediately stopped in their songs and withstood there like people were natural stone statues.
"Even though it's planning to take a while, I cannot delay to be able to makes use of the hovering sword by myself," Yu Rou claimed.

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